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Tuscola Facts

We may look like a small town but we’ve got a lot of history. Did you know…

The Tuscola Library was built as part of the Illinois Carnegie library system.


Tuscola is proud to have a “Sister City” located in Texas.


President Theodore Roosevelt, President Richard Nixon, President George W. Bush, and President Barack Obama have all made campaign stops in Tuscola.


The earliest settler in Tuscola Township was William Brian, having moved here in 1834.


Henry Clay Niles was Douglas County’s first surveyor and author of the first complete Douglas County history, published in 1876.  He assisted in laying out the town of Tuscola in 1857.


Joseph G. Cannon of Tuscola was Douglas County’s first State’s Attorney – he was elected on the same ticket in 1860 that saw the election of Abraham Lincoln to the Presidency.  “Uncle Joe” was Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1903 to 1911 and was a Tuscola resident during his first two terms in the Congress.


The Douglas County Courthouse was dedicated June 12, 1913.  The principal speaker at the dedication ceremony was Joseph G. Cannon, who was the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives at the time.


In the Douglas County Courthouse is the original Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Room which was set aside upon the building’s dedication as a meeting place for members of the G.A.R. and other patriotic veterans organizations.  County officials have been told this room is unique in that it is only one of five remaining original G.A.R. meeting rooms in the United States.